Welcome to the serpentine sorcery of Jenevieve. Like my entire life,my dance is dedicated to the goddess. On this site I share my deepest devotion to this ancient art form called bellydance. As a dedicated yogini,all movement is a sacred energy flow supported by the magic of breath and movement united. I don't believe such a union stops when I leave the yoga studio or when I am doing tarot readings for my clients....all is ritual,all is enchanted and animated. My devotion to the goddess Kali has been an immense inspiration to me as well as my other spirit guides(Rayven is my most talkative) and my close connection to the fairy realm. 

    All these beings as well as ascended masters,angels and fixed stars, guide me in manifesting abstract truths of this life,the afterlife and nature,beyond the common site of the human veil. Besides training my physical body with much discipline, I train my second site,my etheric cord to spirit and my astral self to open dimensions to lost information of ancient beings who still speak to those who listen. The Akashic charts hold all things ever known and unknown and the goddess has told me it is time to bring back the old ways and bring this planet back to harmony peace and a balance of natural and supernatural forces.

    Dance is an amazing conduit to create a vortex of power and energy for the creation of these truths and the voice of those unseen who wish to assist us with their natural magick. I am grateful to be a channel for such a divine purpose and be a medium for the goddess through dance. Serpent energy also holds much power in the flow of kundalini energy and my snake is  my familiar here to lift the veil with her wisdom and depth of psychic sense.I hope you are interested in exploring more of this ritual dance journey with me. Please join my mailing list for workshops and events related to tribal fusion bellydance as well as many mystical topics related to the sacred art of dance.I am available for events,teaching and workshops so feel free to contact me. If spirit move you to do so you can also visit www.odiyyamagicka.com for my other offerings set forth in this incarnation. Blessed be. )o(

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